About Us

Montana Indian Democrats around the state are working hard to make sure our voices are heard.

We have created a new council to build a grassroots movement to protect our independence. We can build stronger communities by making our voice heard.

The MIDC will support the candidates that defend our sovereignty by getting out the vote in the next election.

Our movement is made of people just like you: Indian Democrats who are willing to work together to elect candidates who share our values.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Council is to promote the advancement of Indians and Indian communities through the participation in the political process and by ensuring that Native American issues are addressed at every level of government.  In order to achieve this purpose and to facilitate Indian active involvement within the Party by:

a) Registering Indian democratic voters on and off reservations in Montana.
b) Supporting Indian Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts to maximize the Democratic Indian vote on and off reservations.
c) Identifying public relations opportunities such as speaking events to promote voting, the political process and political issues.
d) Recruiting and electing Indian candidates to local, state and federal offices.
e) Supporting elected officials and candidates that endorse Indian issues and Democratic Party ideals.
f) Training candidates on Indian issues.
g) Educating candidates, office holders and the public on issues of importance for Indians and Indian communities.
h) Fundraising.
i)  Educating about the importance of voting including absentee, vote by mail and in person.

MIDC Board Members:

  • James Steele,Jr Interim President (CSKT)
  • Stacey Otterstrom, Vice-President (Little Shell)
  • Billie LeDeau, Treasurer (Chippewa-Cree)
  • Jason Smith, Secretary (CSKT)
  • Ryan Rusche,  Board Member (Ft. Peck)
  • Prairie Big Horn, Board Member (Northern Cheyenne)
  • Amy Croover, Board Member (Winnebago)
  • Caryn Kallay, Board Member (CSKT)
  • Latonna Old Elk, Board Member (Crow)
  • Mandy Smoker Broaddus, Board Member (Ft. Peck)
  • Margarett Campbell, Board Member (Ft. Peck)