Special Nominating Convention

The withdrawal of candidacy by US Senator John Walsh, has created the need for a Special Nominating Convention for the Democratic candidate for US Senate.

MIDC will have a vote at this historic event and we want to offer an opportunity for everyone to have their voices heard.  We are having a conference call tomorrow night (Tuesday) to update anyone interested in the process of the convention, and answer as many questions as we possibly can.

Montana Indian Democrats Council Conference Call on Special Nominating Convention

WHEN:  Tuesday, August 12th at 7:00pm

Message us on Facebook, or email us at mtindiandemocrats.org for call-in information.

Plan to join us and share your thoughts, suggestions, concerns and hopes as we prepare to help influence this critical decision for Montana.

Helpful Websites:

EMAIL:  ourparty@montanademocrats.org The Democratic Party created the email address here for ANY Montana Democrat to send questions, concerns, suggestions, etc.  Feel free to use and share!

MIDC needs your help this election year!

Please click on the actblue.com link and help the MIDC this election year.

We will be helping our native candidates and allies this eleciton year and we need you to stand with us.



Welcome interim President James Steele, Jr

We want to offer James Steele, a warm welcome as our interim President. He has the experience to help lead our organization.

He served as Chairman of the Flathead Nation for 4 years and of the Montana Wyoming Tribal Leaders for 2.

In his service, he fought for the indian people of Montana in Helena and in Washington, DC and will contiue to fight for the rights of our indian people in the Montana.

Congratultions President Steele!

Congratulations, Senator Jon Tester the new Chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee

"Standing up for Indian Country is a responsibility I never take lightly.That's why,earlier this month, I stepped foward to become the Chairman of the U.S. Senate's Indian Affairs Committee"  Senator Jon Tester

Please check out this link for the full article.


Absentee Voting Opens in Montana with Counties Mailing Out a Record Number of Ballots

Registering Voters in Montana


Today, 229,178 ballots were mailed to absentee voters.  34% of Montana's registered voters received ballots.  Are you one of them?

Any registered voter may vote absentee by signing up for an Annual Absentee List or filling out an Application for Absentee Ballot at the county election office, or downloading one from the Secretary of State's website at sos.mt.gov/Elections.  The Application must be received at the county election office by noon the day before the election.  The voted absentee ballot must be received at the county election office by the close of polls on Election Day (8:00 pm.)

Vote early and take a friend with you!

Making Our Voices Heard

Montana Indian Democrats around the state are working hard to make sure our voices are heard.

We have created a new council to build a grassroots movement to protect our independence.

We can build stronger communities by making our voice heard.

The MIDC will support the candidates that defend our sovereignty by getting out the vote in the next election.

Our movement is made of people just like you: Indian Democrats who are willing to work together to elect candidates who share our values.

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